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Agoge: Raising Sales Warriors

Felisha Edouazin

Mar 10, 2023

Scottdale, GA — Defining Agoge: Background behind Caliber Living's innovative sales training

In ancient Sparta, an intensive initiation training program was developed where boys of the city-state were molded into warriors for the most organized and fearless army of the ancient world. This rigorous training program tested the to-be warriors both mentally and physically to ensure that they could succeed where others failed in the harshest challenges of war. The Spartans called this warrior initiation program the Agoge. It produced the most successful army of the ancient world.

At Caliber Living, we have taken this ideology and created a one of a kind training course to cultivate our very own Sales Warriors. Our Agoge Training Program is a 7-week in depth course that provides our new leasing managers with leading industry knowledge and course work encompassing subjects such as sales, marketing and operations.

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