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we operate with an Owner's Mindset, remain People-Focused,
and thus
Drive Results.


Caliber Living, LLC is a multifamily property management company with a
special focus on sales and hospitality.

Our services are dedicated to the success of multifamily assets and the people who operate them. We have been headquartered near Atlanta, Georgia since our inception in 2016. We have managed properties for clients primarily throughout the Southeast in both major
and tertiary collegiate markets.


Caliber provides a variety of services including property
management, asset management, construction management, and
development services. Consulting services extend to market feasibility studies, acquisition due diligence reports, marketing and sales services and others. An overriding purpose in all company functions is to increase the value of the real estate with which we work. There is a proven track record in pivoting under-performing assets by focusing on increasing occupancy, raising rents, and refining expenses.


Caliber Living Map

Caliber Living is part of the Mallory & Evans Development (MED) group of companies. MED has been an active global developer of all types of commercial real estate for more than 60 years. The combined experience of Caliber Living and MED yields a fully integrated real estate firm specializing in the development and management of student and conventional multifamily communities.

Caliber operates with an owner’s mindset because through MED, we are
owners. Our investors are generally friends and family which causes us to
operate with a different passion. We treat our property management clients as
we do our family and friends who invest with us.

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