Culture is important to us. All companies have culture, but we wouldn't want to work in the poor conditions of most companies. We, therefore, guard to keep our identity and to protect our team members. To help define us, we subscribe to the following list of core values and principles. 

Be Loyal

Loyalty is a product of familiarity and trust. It pushes us to go above and beyond what is required. Be loyal in good times and bad. Extend loyalty as readily as you expect it.


Be Accountable

Be accountable for both success and failure. If in the off-chance we experience a miss, we own it without excuse, and we adjust course. Holding ourselves accountable is not just about right or wrong but in holding ourselves to a higher vision and a better future.


Harness Innovation

We love practical innovation. Innovation can yield great efficiencies but also some unintended consequences. We encourage being open-minded to new ideas and challenging convention---but we don't do it just because we can. We look for changes that are well reasoned and yield results.


Be Knowledgeable

We have an affinity for learning and teaching. We seek opportunities to improve on a personal and professional level. We're curious and aren't afraid of questions.


Strive for Excellence

Our goal is excellence because we know our capabilities. We don't settle. We don't cut corners when no one will notice. We do the job right.


Be Passionate about Service

We love being on the receiving end of excellent service and take pride in providing the same level of service to all our stakeholders. We also look for opportunities to serve in ways that aren't necessary. We partner with local charities and community projects; we encourage our friends and residents to join in supporting a worthy cause.


Don't Negotiate Integrity

We do what's right regardless of who's looking or the economic impact. We're honest in our dealings not only because it gives us peace but because it's good for the longevity of our business.


Have Fun

We certainly work hard, but we also want to enjoy what we do. We have a sense of humor and don't mind showing it. Laugh. Smile. Have fun! 



Communicate Effectively

We communicate often and freely with those that are stakeholders. We believe open lines of communication are an integral part of our business and allow us to operate cohesively. We effectively use the appropriate methods of communication-based on the situation and the expectation of the audience.